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Share experience to Bet on First and Last Goal for Beginners

What are the first and last goal bets? What do you need to know about this type of bet? Is it easy to play first goal and last goal bets? Wintips will provide answers to all your questions right here.

For those who haven't bet on first and last goal before, it's advisable to read bet tips over under this article first before placing your bets.

What are First and Last Goal Bets?

First and last goal bets are a type of side bet in football betting. This type of bet is introduced by reputable bookmakers to bring novelty and diversify the ways to bet on matches. Although not among the most popular bet types, the leading bookmakers in football betting usually offer high odds for this type of bet.

Therefore, if one day you are lucky enough to win first and last goal bets, the prize money you receive will be substantial.

Basically, this type of bet is a prediction on which team will score the first or last goal in the match. Or you can understand it as follows:

First Goal Bet: Predicting which team will score the opening goal in the match.

Last Goal Bet: Predicting which team will score the last goal in the match.

Thus, this type of bet is relatively easy to play. The winning rate when betting will be 50%. Consequently, although categorized as a side bet, the odds for this bet are not low at all.

First/Last Goal bets are usually divided into two forms: betting in the first half or betting for the whole match.

In addition to the two mandatory betting options, when betting on first and last goals, we also have another option to bet on a goalless draw.

How to Read First and Last Goal Odds

First, you need to refer to the betting table provided by the bookmaker. After selecting a match, you need to know how to read the odds for first and last goals.

A match involves the presence of a home team and an away team. Therefore, this bet will provide all the odds corresponding to the betting options for each team.

Betting on the home team to score the first goal. Symbolized as HF.

Betting on the home team to score the last goal. Symbolized as HL.

Betting on the away team to score the first goal. Symbolized as AF.

Betting on the away team to score the last goal. Symbolized as AL.

For reputable bookmakers, they will arrange the odds corresponding to each betting option for the team to score the first or last goal.

Additionally, we have another option to bet on, which is betting on a match with no goals scored. Meaning that in the match, both teams do not score, and it ends in a draw with a score of 0:0.

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Basic rules when betting on first or last goal

For first or last goal bets, bookmakers also impose additional conditions to ensure fairness for bettors. Specifically:

If a goal is scored as an own goal, the opposing team will be considered as the team scoring the first goal.

If a match is ongoing but gets postponed for any reason, if a team has already scored the first goal in the half, the bet will still be valid.

If neither team scores any goals and the match gets postponed, bets on first or last goal will be refunded.

If you win a first or last goal bet, your winnings will be calculated as follows:

Bet winnings = amount staked * odds ratio of the team scoring first/last goal.

For example, in a Premier League match between Liverpool and Watford:

If Liverpool scores the first goal => Those who bet on Liverpool to score first win at odds of 1.10.

If Watford scores the last goal => Those who bet on Watford to score last win at odds of 5.50.

Some considerations when betting on first or last goal

The payout odds for first or last goal bets are usually high. Therefore, when making predictions and placing bets, consider the following:

Choose suitable matches for betting, preferably those where there is a significant difference in quality or current form between the two teams.

Observe the starting line-ups, formations, tactics, and the current situation on the field to determine which team has the advantage.

Ensure you have thorough preparation and access to all necessary betting insights without missing any crucial information.

Understand soccer tips sites how to interpret the odds provided by bookmakers.

These are all the necessary details regarding betting on the first or last goal. If anyone is interested in trying out this type of bet, find a reputable bookmaker and place your bets now. Good luck to all!


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